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Take it out on | Define Take it out on at Dictionary.com – Take it out on definition, to get into one’s hold or possession by voluntary action: to take a cigarette out of a box; to take a pen and begin to write. See more.

take out (phrasal verb) definition and synonyms | Macmillan. – take something out on someone to make someone suffer because you are angry, upset, or tired, even though it is not their fault When he’s under pressure at work , he takes it out on me. Synonyms and related words

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takeout – WordReference.com Dictionary of English – takeout (tkout), USA pronunciation n.. the act or fact of taking out. something made to be taken out, esp. food prepared in a store or restaurant to be carried out for consumption elsewhere.

Take out of | Define Take out of at Dictionary.com – Take out of definition, to get into one's hold or possession by voluntary action: to take a cigarette out of a box; to take a pen and begin to write. See more.

Takeout Meaning Take out – Idioms by The Free Dictionary – You can take out three books at a time from the library. Remember, you must sign your name to the register if you plan to take any equipment out for more than a day. 6. verb To kill or murder someone.

take down – English-Spanish Dictionary – WordReference.com – and nodding by the fire, take down his [this] book Come take it down control hold + arm bar take down – legal Disengage power take-offs, idle down all equipment

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Take out | Define Take out at Dictionary.com – Take out definition, the act or fact of taking out. See more.

Takeout legal definition of takeout – Legal Dictionary – Definition of takeout in the Legal Dictionary – by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is takeout? Meaning of takeout as a legal term. What does takeout mean in law?. Take-Out Taking Over at Restaurants: Study. Having tired of pizza and Chinese food,

TAKE STH OUT | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary – take out an ad/advertisement They took out an ad in USA Today. BANKING to remove money from a bank account : I had to take $10,000 out of a savings account in order to pay for the car .

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